Before Wart Treatment

In this case report, patient G.O. is an 11 year old girl with a 3 year history of warts. In the beginning, the size of the warts were small. However, they quickly grew large in size. Looking to treat these warts, the patient went through multiple unsuccessful treatments at her pediatrician’s office and with another Dermatology’s office. Not only was this painful for the patient, but it became costly with the over the counter medications. Both the parents and the patient were frustrated with the appearance of the wart, which left the patient wanting to avoid school as a result.

Laser Wart Treatment

At Auburn Dermatology, we have many sophisticated treatments for warts. In this case, we applied a painless FDA approved medication called Squaric acid. This medication stimulated her own immune system, leaving her warts gone after only a few treatments. With her frustrating appearance of warts and previous failed attempts to treat them, her smile finally came back.


Here at Auburn Dermatology, we offer laser wart treatment, electrosurgery, painless medications, and cryotherapy to remove warts. Laser surgery effectively treats warts by heating up the wart until the tissue dies and the wart eventually falls off. Similarly, electrosurgery treats a wart by sending an electrical current through it to kill the tissue. On the other hand, medications such as salicylic acid preparations dissolves the protein, keratin, that makes up the wart. This also dissolves the thick layer of skin that covers the wart. In addition, our clinic also treats warts with cryotherapy, which freezes them using liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide.